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Upcoming Primary

Less than 60 Days till the Primary! As we draw nearer to the Primary election, I encourage all of you out there to get out and vote and encourage those in your sphere of influence to vote.
As you are preparing for the primary, I would like you to ask yourself, "am I happy with the direction that Olympia has been going over the last 10 years". If you are, then who you vote for in the primary may be easy, as my opponents are endorsed by the current city council and will continue down the same path with the same failed policies.
If you want a new vision and a new voice in our City Council, that is focused on the actual role of government, providing a safe, secure, clean vibrant city, that is friendly to local businesses and artisans then I am your candidate. Our small businesses are the economic driver of our community and we need to do more to provide a safe, clean and secure environment for those businesses and their customers.

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